One Bag in Ibiza

July 3, 2016 — 1



One Bag in Ibiza

July 3, 2016 — 1

One in bag in Ibiza

One bag in Ibiza was inspired by something we can all relate to.  Only having one small bag and having to dress for multiple occasions away from home. This year myself and my husband went to Ibiza for four nights during their quiet season. We bought Ryanair flights costing only £60 return for both of us and off we went for a little break away from the busyiness of life.


Having arrived late on our first night we ventured into the Old Town the next morning. We had planned to stay out that evening so I had to pack the smallest of bags.  I had a small canvas bag and inside was my usual, purse, lip balm, keys, spare t-shirt for my husband and a pair of heels for me.  That was it.


 I wore my Adidas trainers ( I love Adidas … I’m quite attached to this sports brand ..) , ripped jeans, simple blue body suit and my duster coat from Zara. I would recommend comfortable flat shoes for walking around especially as there are many steep walkways and steps.

I love the retro edge that Adidas have, it is one of those styles that you keep throughout your lifetime often from teenage years.  It’s your style, your likes and I suppose that’s called brand loyalty.  


We got a bus into town and walked towards the spectacular huge fortress ‘Dalt Vila‘ that dominates the town. The streets were stunning and the bohemian style we all anticipate to see and feel was very much part of atmosphere.  As you walk through old town you see many beautiful shops and cafes that are distinctivily Ibizan.  Some traditional some trendy all beautifully kept.  I suppose the sunshine just makes everything look gorgeous!


I wore my duster coat and belt to keep me warm during the early morning, I wore the same coat in the evening as a dress which you will see in my next post. Being able to adapt your outfits on holiday is so useful, it really minimises the chances of taking lots of clothes that you don’t end up wearing anyway. I think we are all guilty of that.


I wore my Zara jeans which are super soft, perfect for a day of walking and shopping!  They are mid rise jeans, but for a body suit I would have preferred high waisted jeans (when you eat there is no hiding that belly in a body suit, I tell you that now lol) so high waisted jeans would sort that problem out hahah…


When I was younger I would wear what was fashionable irrespective of discomfort and impracticalities but now I couldn’t care less.  Not because I’m older and wiser,  I just don’t seek to please people anymore or feel like I have to be a certain way … I’m cool with being me now……. deep…hahha

My style is about what I like and find comfortable.


If you decide to go to Ibiza you must try the ice cream in this shop. The shop was located in the old walls! I’m not a huge ice cream fan but this was amazing! If you are vegan you will love their vegan ice cream! Make sure to take in the panoramic views of the town and city when you get to the top …wear comfy shoes!!

Keep an eye out for my next post on my evening outfit ..

Check out this travel website for more information about the city.

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