Guest Wedding Outfit

July 19, 2016 — 0


Summer is here and so are the invites! I love weddings but being so involved in the process of weddings I barely get time to plan what to wear.  This weekend I was at the most beautiful fairy tale wedding ever.  The weather was lush but it was the couple who made the wedding a fairytale.  Both bride and groom made a deal to keep themselves to themselves until they married (you know what I mean) so all day they beamed with excitement and retained eye contact in the most romantic way. It was beautiful to witness.

I was helping with the arrangements and decor so I was pretty much busy up until the morning.  I purchased my outfit the day before with only an hour left before the stores shut.  For me, this was good progress given previous weddings I did not know what to wear until the actual day.  I do however need to turn it up a notch; plan my outfit a week in advance.


Recently I was going through my Instagram and Nicole Warne ‘garypeppergirl‘ caught my eye ( again ).  This woman is just gorgeous and beautifully sophisticated.  Her dress sense is classy and individual.  I just love it.  I came across a few outfits that inspired me particularly the outfit designed by Christopher Esber …. oh my gosh she looked amaze!
Going through her instagram feed I seen another outfit with a three quarter length skirt that caught my gleaning eye by an Australian designer ( no name given ) and by this stage I was all about the long 3/4 skirt length. However, I never thought I would find a skirt of this style in an hour … prayer works lol.


So in-between decorating and arranging flowers I went to a local outlet and bought my outfit from Topshop and River Island.  The top was mid length and perfect for a high waisted skirt. I purchased the powder blue top in Topshop for £20.  I then headed for River Island with the hope of finding a skirt.  I came across this 3/4 length skirt; the only 3/4 length skirt in the shop which happened to be on sale for £15 … I was over the moon, I didn’t even try it on, I picked up a size 10 and off I went.


I questioned if the top was a little too casual for a wedding, however I think I managed to accessorise appropraitely to make up for it.  I added a choker to emphasise the plain top.

For jewellery I bought a beautiful double ring that links together with a chain which I teamed with a silver and blue bangle.  I added my blue bag to complete the outfit.

The skirt is definitely my key piece. The woven jacquard material contains a stiff structure which keeps the shape of the skirt really well and the monochromatic print hides any creases ( I didn’t notice any creases at all ).  This skirt is still available online and it also has a matching top which I didn’t see in the store but I am definitely ordering it tonight! All shopping links to this outfit are below.



Let me know if you liked the outfit or if you ordered it! Also check out ‘garypeppergirl‘ for more inspiration of you like this style.  And of course make sure to follow me on Instagram too ‘straightoffthecatwalk‘……. !

River Island Monochromatic pencil skirt click here
Topshop Blue top click here Sorry currently unavailable online
Zara Leather bag click here
Kurt Geiger Black Shoes click here

Looking forward to hearing from you!

lisa xxx


One Bag in Ibiza

July 3, 2016 — 1


One in bag in Ibiza

One bag in Ibiza was inspired by something we can all relate to.  Only having one small bag and having to dress for multiple occasions away from home. This year myself and my husband went to Ibiza for four nights during their quiet season. We bought Ryanair flights costing only £60 return for both of us and off we went for a little break away from the busyiness of life.


Having arrived late on our first night we ventured into the Old Town the next morning. We had planned to stay out that evening so I had to pack the smallest of bags.  I had a small canvas bag and inside was my usual, purse, lip balm, keys, spare t-shirt for my husband and a pair of heels for me.  That was it.


 I wore my Adidas trainers ( I love Adidas … I’m quite attached to this sports brand ..) , ripped jeans, simple blue body suit and my duster coat from Zara. I would recommend comfortable flat shoes for walking around especially as there are many steep walkways and steps.

I love the retro edge that Adidas have, it is one of those styles that you keep throughout your lifetime often from teenage years.  It’s your style, your likes and I suppose that’s called brand loyalty.  


We got a bus into town and walked towards the spectacular huge fortress ‘Dalt Vila‘ that dominates the town. The streets were stunning and the bohemian style we all anticipate to see and feel was very much part of atmosphere.  As you walk through old town you see many beautiful shops and cafes that are distinctivily Ibizan.  Some traditional some trendy all beautifully kept.  I suppose the sunshine just makes everything look gorgeous!


I wore my duster coat and belt to keep me warm during the early morning, I wore the same coat in the evening as a dress which you will see in my next post. Being able to adapt your outfits on holiday is so useful, it really minimises the chances of taking lots of clothes that you don’t end up wearing anyway. I think we are all guilty of that.


I wore my Zara jeans which are super soft, perfect for a day of walking and shopping!  They are mid rise jeans, but for a body suit I would have preferred high waisted jeans (when you eat there is no hiding that belly in a body suit, I tell you that now lol) so high waisted jeans would sort that problem out hahah…


When I was younger I would wear what was fashionable irrespective of discomfort and impracticalities but now I couldn’t care less.  Not because I’m older and wiser,  I just don’t seek to please people anymore or feel like I have to be a certain way … I’m cool with being me now……. deep…hahha

My style is about what I like and find comfortable.


If you decide to go to Ibiza you must try the ice cream in this shop. The shop was located in the old walls! I’m not a huge ice cream fan but this was amazing! If you are vegan you will love their vegan ice cream! Make sure to take in the panoramic views of the town and city when you get to the top …wear comfy shoes!!

Keep an eye out for my next post on my evening outfit ..

Check out this travel website for more information about the city.


One bag in Ibiza Part 2

July 3, 2016 — 0


One bag in Ibiza Part 2

As you know from my previous post I had to adapt my outfit from afternoon to evening.  I was wearing a light blue Zara duster coat with my jeans but by the evening I transformed it into a dress.


The only item I packed was a pair of tan strapped heels.  As you can see I am wearing ankle bracelets (actually they are wrist bracelets) I wore these not just to accessorise & add colour but to minimise the distance from the very high strap to my foot.


In the photo above you can see how high my ankle strap is, this elongates the foot and being a size 6/6.5 I don’t want my foot to look any bigger.  By adding an ankle bracelet you can shorten that distance making you foot look smaller! Fashion Tip


The outfit is from Zara and the shoes I have had for such a long time.  I chose them because they were super soft, comfortable and I loved the design at the back.  These shoes were from Matalan! I know I couldn’t believe it either!


Random….. but Ibiza town is so beautiful, I want a balcony like that! .


…by the way I’m fixing my hair here …. not posing like a wannabe model, arm over head shot 🙂

This was one of those outfits I planned in my head, luckily it worked out as envisaged however it doesn’t always go that smoothly!
Anyways….I hope you enjoyed the post! Oh and if you didn’t see Part 1 to this post click here! xxx

Shopping ideas for similar outfit:

Duster Coat Missguided
Duster Coat Boohoo
Nude Sandals Very



My Fav Look – OUTFIT

April 1, 2016 — 3



Bomber Jacket and Skirt

It’s been a while since I posted a outfit blog. However, it’s not that I didn’t want to blog,  I was unable to.  Life has been extremely busy of late and if you don’t know I am teacher also, which has been pretty full on. Anyhow, I’m back and I want to keep this my focus!

I’m wearing my favourite look this year, bomber jacket and skirt.  The skirt was my favourite buy in the February sales.  I wasn’t looking for anything but when I seen the huge side pockets and splits each side, I was pleased. So pleased I bought two (they were cheap enough!) I intend to embellish one because I loved the shape and fabric, I may never see one again haha. As the weather in the UK is neither hot or cold and sometimes very confusing, our outfits are generally a mix of spring summer and autumn winter.


When I bought the skirt I envisiaged a light tight fitting bomber jacket, so I was glad when I found this.  I often find myself gravitating towards sportswear and combining them with smart famine pieces. The mesh jacket is from Urban Bliss, the fabric gives the jacket firm structure and shape.


The two splits each side are the perfect length, not too long or short.  I found it balanced out the length and casual cotton / elastane fabric of the skirt giving it a more sophisticated belonging. I matched this outfit up with black heels with lace button holes.


I don’t tend to follow specific trends, I generally wear what suits me and what I prefer at that time.  That is why I can have clothing in my wardrobe for months before I chose to wear them, I’m in not rush to keep up with the jones. I do follow catwalk fashion for inspiration and ideas but not keep up with what’s next.




Mango Mesh Bomber Jacket €60
MA1 Bomber Jacket £55
Lipsy Black High Heels £39




New Year Fresh Start

January 1, 2016 — 6


New Year Fresh Start

So it’s here! The day that gives us an opportunity to clear the slate and start again.
For Christmas I got my little art studio up and running with new furniture and lighting for my camera. I have no windows in this room and the lighting outside is …. where??? exactly.  So I began today with a bang, I started an oil painting and completed two smaller pieces of art. I also managed to take some style pics! It’s been a good day and hopefully this is just the beginning.

I love this bottle green top from Zara during my trip to Seville but I’m not sure if you can still get it…sorry…but if you would like a similar bell sleeve top I have put a few suggestions below.



This cute marble effect necklace is from H&M and it was so cheap! They may even be on sale now.

These beautiful bangles have been individually woven with beautiful colours all the way from India … from my mother .. I am pretty sure you can these on the web!

When I was in Spain I picked up these beauties … well, my husband did for my Christmas pressies 😉 and I was so glad because I have wanted a pair for such a long time but struggled to find a comfortable pair!

The shoes ( as you can see ) have a short heel and lovely detail at the point of the shoe, from Zara.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my little style post! I am wishing and hoping you a fantastic year. Don’t worry if today didn’t start off they way you wanted it to, thankfully we have fresh starts everyday! Love ya x

Bell Sleeve Tops:
Ark Russo Lace up Bell Sleeve
Miss Guided Bell Sleeve

Marble Effect Necklace:
Balilla Semi Circle Necklace
Etsy Marble Bar Necklace
Similar to mine from Etsy

ASOS Tassle Detail Pointed Shoes
ASOS Patent Pointed shoes


Christmas Colour

December 21, 2015 — 0


Christmas Colour

Christmas has been somewhat tainted this year with so much bad news and the unfortunate events that have taken place all over the world in 2015. However, Christmas is a very important event for me, especially as a Christian. I decided to celebrate it with some colour and lift the Christmas spirit with a pop art inspired outfit! Although I have to admit, the skirt colour kind of reminds me of my secondary school uniform in Northern Ireland and my Christmas tree! Never mind eh!

As usual, I picked the lace pencil skirt whilst abroad (guess where?!? Yep Spain) but I did get it from Zara (Yehhh…). The reason I shop in Spain? It is cheaper to fly to there than to drive to London. Not only is it cheaper, it’s faster, warmer and better currency exchange, which means more cash!  So that’s why I shop quite a bit in Spain, not because I am richer, I’m just a little wiser! Heheeeee


I’m wearing a H&M sweater with delicate candy coloured sequins. I thought some contrast with the skirt would lighten things up and add some fun. With my 1950’s Palm Springs earrings.

Chain bag is from Ted Baker.  I have had this for over 10 years and have looked after for so long. If I’m honest I’m so in love with it that I rarely use it! Too precious.

This is the post which inspired me ( and saved me ) to have a three photo shot rule. To read more see my “Three shots and that’s it!’

If you like the pieces above and to they are no longer available, here are some great alternatives:

Grey Sweater:
H&M Grey Love Sweater
H&M Cactus Fun Sweater 

Lace Skirt:
MSGM Lace Skirt
Three Floor Lacely Skirt


Inspired by Spring ’16 Outfit

November 19, 2015 — 0


After watching the Spring Summer 2016 catwalk shows, I was inspired by the satin and silks that it featured. I’m not a fan of waiting for trends or fashions, I tend to want to wear it sooner, So I hunted out some satin and silk tops on Etsy UK and purchased them. I knew I would find some originals that would be more unique and could wear them through to Spring.


I purchased this top for £13 and I love it.  It can be worn as a jacket & top, I can tuck it in or wear it baggy. It is a great buy.



The top has shoulder pads ( it’s an 80’s thang lol ) which is great because satin drapes and can be quite slouchy but the shoulder pads create a good structure to hold the fabric which enhances the gathered folds at the lapels.




I teamed up the outfit with some black and white sandals that have extended detail at the back and a small black bag.



Jean love Outfit

November 19, 2015 — 1



Last week I went to the beautiful city of Seville, south of Spain and enjoyed 6 days with my husband eating out, catching the mid day sun and exploring this unfamiliar city which is steeped in history.

I have been know for my addiction to jeans, I wear them pretty much everywhere, I even try and get away with it at work by buying the blackest colour to help disguise them! My dad and grand dad sold denim when we were younger. My mum and grandma worked in a denim factory and ever since, denim has become a well known and accepted family member 😉

So recently I updated my wardrobe as it was long over due. I got rid of old jeans and clothes and forced myself into a position of having to replace them. I bought these jeans and they are my firm favs. They are called Sculpt Denim from Zara and give a great overall shape! Highly recommend!


The high waited element creates an illusion of longer limbs and personally are a lot more comfortable when traveling.  You know when your in a car, ate too much and the waistband is digging into skin and hips!

For such a long time, I have been wearing low waisted jeans, so wearing high waisted jeans has giving me a good excuse to change up my style, with shorter tops and cool belts.


I love pointed heels but particularly black sling backs, the ones I am wearing are from Kurt Geiger and have lasted years! I wear them to dress up denim because denim can look too casual in flats.


The belt was purchased in Seville and you can get them pretty much anywhere, It colour matched my Zara bag leaf detail and tied the outfit together perfectly.


I wore a light fitted cardigan from H&M as a top because I love that I can adjust the buttons to make it tighter around my waist and looser as it gets higher.  The buttons of the cardigan added detail and texture. To finish it off I added my trusted black blazer from Zara to smarten up the outfit, like heels and fitted blazer dresses up jeans which otherwise look very casual.


I will do a post on how to dress up denim, so stay posted!

Thanks for reading!

Lisa xx




September 15, 2015 — 0


There was something very ‘London’ about the street style in New York this week.  By ‘London’ I mean the eclectic variances of styles. London is known for individuality, rock ‘n’ roll and uniqueness, where everyone dresses different from one another.  New York is a major platform for fashion but NYC style has always been classic and high end. This year however it was different. This has partly to do with the international crowd attending NYFW but most other years international attendees have brought their American ‘a game.’  They dressed to impress the US crowd…. not this year, they were not single minded   I wonder what has caused this shift? I can’t help but think, the rise of the fashion blogger has played a pinnacle role.

This year more fashion bloggers attend NYFW than ever before, each known for their personal style.  People are more interested in the personal style of bloggers presently than of designers and their collections.  They follow bloggers on social media because they have an interest in the individuality of these men and women.  So, no surprise why this shift has happened.  Designers are fully aware of this transition  hence why many bloggers are invited to sit front row.  They understand the power of social media, celebrity influence and the blogger. There are many more factors influencing style today such as politics and economics but I thought that was best discussed some other time….. in the mean time let’s celebrate street style and how it has evolved!

lisa xx