April 5, 2016 — 1




April 5, 2016 — 1


MARVELLOUS … Marble, we are all ( well some of us ) going marbles and about marble.  In recently years there’s been a real appreciation for this natural material, of which I am glad however I do worry that it may become a quick fad.  The thing is…  I have always been obsessed with the marble and I thought it was my secret!  and my ‘thing’ so I’m a little protective about it.  It all started when I visited The Barcelona Pavilion designed by architect Ludwig Mies can der Rohe five years ago.  It is the most incredible building if you appreciate the modernism movement.

Straight lines, clean surfaces, reflective materials and deep textures … all this … and it still manages to remain minimal.  LOVE IT.


Just look at the angular perspective ( sorry I am getting carried away now and falling off topic! ) Rewind….. Anyhow I am sure you just want to see pictures of how marble can be used in the home, but beware you don’t over do it!

This sink and setting is just breathtaking, but I would be wary of using too much copper, you may not remain a copper fan forever, so go easy on your tastebuds (they always change). Little bit of this and little bit of that.

Why not use marble slates instead of tiles or backsplash?

If you are afraid to install permanent fixtures made from marble or the effect of marble then accessorize with tables or small units that can be removed later.

Greenery looks beautiful and stylish with marble as well as gold accents …

Remember I said a little bit of this and a little bit of that? well, this explains it.  It’s an acquired taste and usually by those who love to take risks…. like me hahah. I just love it.

Here are some links where you can find marble effect accessories or furniture,  Join me on Instagram as I often post home interiors and soon will be doing a house tour …

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  • Tamara

    April 5, 2016 at 4:52 pm

    What a wonderful inspiring and humorous post! I like how you write xxxxx


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